Society's need for a sustainable and local food supply and transparent production conditions rise. Urban farming promises to represent an alternative to conventional farming, enabling fewer carbon emissions, fewer chemicals, and more transparent production conditions. However, consumers have limited access to produce from farms around the city.
Yumi aims to provide a market platform on which local urban farms can thrive by offering transparent and sustainable products. All users can trade freely with each other, creating an urban network to support a city's food supply from within.
Many urban residents experience a lack of transparency regarding the production conditions of vegetable products.

Urban residents have no channel to trade vegetable produce with each other directly. 
Consumers are unsatisfied with the ecological footprints of vegetable products.                             

People have no overview of their own ecological footprint.
Transparent information about production conditions

Regional urban produce

A high degree of convenience
Vibrant communication between farmers and customers

Support for farmers to reach customers
Go shopping together
​​​​​​​Do you want to plan your purchase with all your loved ones? Just send them an invite and split the bill. 
Find the best harvest from local farmers around your neighborhood. Get to know them, talk to them, and ensure you get the best quality possible.
You will find transparency you can't find anywhere else. What chemicals were used, what does the farm look like, and even the actual carbon emissions of a product can be found in the app. And if all of that is still not enough, every farm is just around the corner, waiting for you to visit. 

Share your remains and reduce waste.​​​​​​​
Are you leaving town spontaneously? Or have you bought too much? Then, you will find many people on Yumi who would love to take it. That way, waste is reduced to a minimum.
The step-by-step insertion is as intuitive as it can be. It's online in a heartbeat, ready to delight others.
All the fresh remains from local users can be found in the always up-to-date feed or in the remains section. Yumi makes it easy for you to communicate fastly and pleasantly. 
The ecosystem
Manage yourself.
Because farms share their production conditions, Yumi can tell you how much water, energy, or CO2 was emitted from your consumed products. 
As a farmer, you have unlimited options to thrive. You can gain detailed customer insights, more reach, and learn from the community. 
Starting a farming business is as easy as never before. Let's feed each other ecologically. 
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