Panorama is a modular system for controlling individual room climates. It consists of a climate panel as well as an AR-App which scans the rooms and adapts the climate to individual needs, making the product sustainable and easy to use.
Panorama was designed in collaboration with Bosch to provide a solution for flexible urban people, office buildings and suchlike who desire to independently climatize their residencies in a sustainable way. Panorama is not just a product but a service that is based on a cradle-to-cradle cycle.
Experience the symbiosis between Software and Hardware and control your room climate as easy as never before. You can use modes with preinstalled parameters like "movie night" or "get well soon" or create your own to get a fast access to climate scenarios. The system constantly learns about you and your guests so that your room climate gets better everyday. 
Get exactly what you need.​​​​​​​
Upgrading your heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and air filtering ist usually a long-winded process if done properly. The sheer glut of offerings can be overwhelming and often a specialist is needed. 
Panorama does all the work for you in a heartbeat. The Panorama Home App is designed to simplify your shopping experience so that it's fun to upgrade to a more sophisticated and sustainable system. By scanning your residence in augmented reality you get your customized package for each room. That way you don't get more or less but exactly what you need: the best experience possible without wasting energy.
The process is intuitive and fluent. You will get the best fitting package suggested by Panorama but you always have the choice to rearrange to your personal wishes. 
One Design. Endless possibilities. 
Heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, and air filtering - all of that in the same body design. Your interior will be calm and classic and everything fits together aesthetically. 
Heating: The ceramic front heated up by infrared radiation creates an instant and pleasant surface heat. 
Cooling: Water evaporation cools air that a soundless ventilator disperses through hundreds of thousands of micro holes softly into the room.
Humidifying and dehumidifying: Due to an intelligent water balancing system Panorama is able to constantly control the relative air humidity.
Air filtering: The standard air filtering module consists of an ionizer, a carbon filter, and a fleece filter to reduce dust, spores, and pollen as well es pollutants like formeldyhyde, solvents and fine particles. Additionally the air filtering can be extended to filtering specific particles for allergics. 
Water supply: If no water conduit is available in a room, the water supply module reduces refilling and emptying to a minimum. The whole system creates an intelligent water balance, so that cooling, humidifying, and dehumidifying works seamlessly. 

... and then it just clicked.
Click it on a stand and get a grip. Due to little magnets the module places itself on the swinging stand like magic. Enjoy your freedom and take it everywhere. 
Your very own climate oasis.
Sometimes you dwell just shortly in one room or you come back from a hot workout and you need that extra refreshing cooled air. Or you want a bit of a bonfire feeling. There's no need to wait for the entire room to get to the right temperature - just create your own climate oasis without distracting others and vice versa. Creating climate oases instead of climatizing entire rooms is another energy saving way to be more eco-friendly. 
Each module has a soft bumper making it robust and pleasant to touch. On top it consists of a power button, a power regulator ( + | - ) and a reduced display. The display shows the power stage and the name of the device that can be given individually to distinguish each device from one another when having a multi-panel-system. 
A collaboration with Bosch
Mentors: Prof. Pelin Celik and Fabian Kollmann

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